Monday, October 26, 2009
Running in Heels

have u ever see something from the TV show or from the movie and u go :-
OMG, i just fucking act like him/her n that is not looking cool at all!!!!

yeah, recently i have been watching this super bimbo reality show on astro, and it is all about 3 girls struggling in Marie Claire magazine office starting off as interns. n u know internship can be a whole lot of hell IF u r not acting right or performing as u should.

so, the 3 girls are basically separated in 2 groups, 1 group consists of 2 bitchy girls who basically whine about anything and get jealous at the 1 remaining girl no matter what she does, or what she gets to do. Talisha and Ashley of coz are the bitchy girls who thought they are too good to always get those tiny little jobs which they think any tom dick or harry can handle. while on the other hand, Samantha are always getting bigger jobs and very naturally, she is the target to be jealous at.

the thing is, the 2 whiny girls can actually suck it up and enjoy every moment of the job given becoz the job isnt really THAT sucky at times. while on the other hand, Samantha are doing better just becoz she knows that the nature of internship IS sometimes to do sucky tasks given by your superiors.

n actually what we dont realize is, the thing that appear to be SO BIG DEAL at the moment could be just a easy breezy moment after wards when u think back. then u start to feel silly and then realize how bad u sucked.

that is definately NOT looking good at all.

while watching that show, i seriously notice that how much i have whined when something happened not going the way i wanted it to, just like what im seeing from the show;complaints after complaints being thrown in everyday in life, its almost like watching myself on the TV screen!!

that is SO SO SO not cool.

i guess, maybe i have to start focusing on the positive side on life? when some big fat bald client scolding, i should be feeling sorry for him bcoz he cant control his temper rather than feeling bad of myself? or i should smile when my staff screwed some big job and ask them to perform better next time instead of scolding them?

WAIT, maybe i should just concentrate on trying to think of the bright side more when dealing with "situations" happening everyday.

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StarryWicked @ 10/26/2009 11:55:10 pm
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Sunday, October 04, 2009
to find n to be found

dont get me wrong, i do not intend to change anyone's believing n their practise in life. im just saying what i feel from my observations.

sometimes i'm quite thrown back by the fact that some people just refused to be found. regardless of sms nor calls to their handphone, they just refuse to pick up n even when they see the misscalls n smses, they wont be responding to it.

no matter how serious or urgent the purpose of the act of approaching them would be.

as some of the reasons i gathered from my friends, the reason are pretty simple :
1. those calls or smses are from people they do not treasure. i.e.salesmans or some friends that they do not even consider friends; or boss / from the office, ha ha.

2. they think that minding their own business is far more important than minding your matters - if i want your attention, i will get to u, i do not necessarily need to know of your matter *snap fingers*

3. serious matter? can it be more important than ME AND MY (BOYFREN / GIRLFREN)? sorry my world is right now revolving around my spouse, any other people can just stop bugging me.

not that im saying im very caring or what (in fact i do not really care for other people as well, ha ha). but i will try my best to call back or reply to sms if someone has already made the initative to look for me.

becoz i believe that anything could happen.

i think many ppl who do not really realise the importance of attending to calls or smses are bcoz they're living in a very happy and contented life that they have not lost anyone important yet.

on the day i lost my father, imagine if i had not picked up the call from my family, or i had not responded to them even after i saw the misscall, i wouldnt have known that my father has already deceased; n yet ppl thought nothing as bizarre as that will be happening to them.

just be reminded that REALLY, anything can happen. n if u do not want any regrets in your life, pls be more attentive to the ppl around u. of coz many ppl will counter this saying 'i dont believe in regrets'.

WELL, i wish u all the best n the best in life if u choose to still be so ignorant.

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StarryWicked @ 10/4/2009 3:07:42 pm
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Monday, September 28, 2009
some cafe

kuantanese should be aware of the sudden craze of newly open cafes around the town right, particulary around Putra Square area?

so today me n jeff decided to try this new cafe out. as i should not bring any bad name to their business i should refer it to the IRC. u know, there are many avid follower of this blog mah, right? *blush*

so, back to the story. i have actually heard some not so nice comments on that particular cafe already. but since jeff stressed that he found the service was pretty okay the first time he visited, so i was reluctantly being dragged into it.

menu...looks OKAY.. although from a designer point of view it certainly can be improved in terms of design. so we both ordered a drinks each to ourselves n we started our discussion. drinks came, took a sip, found that it is too sweet to my liking n it really doesnt give me any taste of FRESH fruits in the drink.

so after like 30 mins of our bitching discussion, there came a lady with the bill.

"boss, RM XXX, thanx"

to be honest, we were both quite shocked by the aunty, obviously for the fact that we have not initiate any intention to pay n leave yet. n u know in malaysia, end the bill = leaving the place.

so we questioned the aunty... "have we called for the bill? we're not ready to leave yet" in the most UNbitchy tone.

"OH like this, our computer system will automatically update us of which table havent pay yet after we key in the orders after 30 minutes, so i mah come to collect the bill lo"

DUMBFOUNDED. so we pay n leave, because i was somehow amused by how creative the programmer have set the program. or maybe im just too pahlia that i have not heard of this paling latest system going on in other corners of the earth?

i thought the cafe should've installed a system which is able to check whether the orders of certain table have all been sent out rather then checking whether have the customers have paid? genius right?

it is so obvious that MONEY is being prioritized rather than having good names on the service and in return more customers will be coming. simply clever, IRC.

n the name Island Red Cafe certainly did not reflect any creativity of the cafe ownerS. yeah i heard there are a few rich n famous have invested in it so maybe i shouldn't be so shocked about the not so clever name choice.

did i mention i didnt want to reveal the name of the cafe so i wont get involve in any lawsuit? oooops.

i think i better refer it to IRC hor.

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StarryWicked @ 9/28/2009 2:21:17 am
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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

there are a lot of things which i WANT rahter than i NEED right now.

u know how ppl always tell u that we shouldnt spend money on the things we WANT instead of only spending on things that we NEED? so that we will be financially more stable n stuff?


if i cant spend the money i earned with all my hardwork on the things regardless i WANT or I NEED, whats the point of earning them anyways?

so, im currently WANTING a new camera, a new phone, a new car, n of coz, as i have always said, i need a new life.

i want to TRY to learn something at night so that i wont be always working my butt off n then feel bad about myself being wasted all the wonderful nights.

by learning things, be it resuming my aikido lessons, or picking up some music instrumentals (which i have been DYING to learn), or maybe...resume learning my already rotten japanese language?

i dont know yet at the moment, but since that i am always a committed person *ahem* i wouldnt want to give up anything i learn halfway, so i will be considering throughoutly before making any reckless decision to plunge into some unlearned subjects.

having said that, i think i need to figure out my night schedule before finalising my decision, hah.

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StarryWicked @ 9/23/2009 1:45:24 am
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Thursday, June 25, 2009

recently im having a lot a lot n i mean A LOT of thoughts.

i want to do this,
i would like to do that,
how nice if i have done this,
it would be perfect if i have already did that.

u know, those kind of things.

the question is, how?

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StarryWicked @ 6/25/2009 2:53:25 am
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Monday, June 15, 2009
just an update

well, although i think not many ppl is visiting this blog already, but still, since i started all this blog writing myself, i better stick to updating it :p

like, once in a while lar...

so, what have i  been doing lately?

if not work, i gym, if not, i go to movie with my 1 n only friend here in UK.

if not movie, i roll on my bed reading comic or playing rhythm heaven. although i have officially declare those as my luxurious moment already, due to my work load.

but luckily, i managed to do all of the above during the weekend which have just passed!! i manage to screw all work n decided to pamper myself for the weekend.

so the result RH is at remix 8 :p

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StarryWicked @ 6/15/2009 1:45:42 am
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Monday, May 25, 2009
i think...

i think,

we know how to treat others a little bit nicer

we know how to not offend other people

we can show a little bit more caring to the people we actually care

we dont have to be so self-centered

we should be able to notice whether ppl around us are happy or sad


we're all lazy to even admit we r selfish n we do not want to do anything for others.

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StarryWicked @ 5/25/2009 1:38:42 am
Bitch here
Tuesday, May 19, 2009
last week

i was actually in a very bad mood throughout it, without a reason.

i cant help but to feel bad in whatever thing i do. i just dislike doing every single thing i did but as usual, we dont have a choice but to go through the day faking a smile.

n when i turn to some of my closer frens - online or in real, nobody seems to care. seriously, this is not a complain post, i understand everyone has their own life n they face difficulties in life too n no one is obliged to give u extra attention, that is totally understandable n acceptable.

so the only thing i did in the past week was ... sleeping very very late, like 3 - 4am everyday. n then i got very very tired in the day time waking up around 815am. it doesnt make me feel any better n it in fact make me feel worse. feeling tired n cranky all the time, how can things be worse, right?

it is almost like self torturing right? but seriously, i kinda enjoy doing it. no particular reason, just that i kinda enjoy doing it. then in the morning, fake the face again. when the night comes, i sit quietly alone until very very late hours, spend some time thinking about things....

hmm... maybe i should do it again this week.

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StarryWicked @ 5/19/2009 1:55:47 am
So far (1) have bitched
Wednesday, April 29, 2009

today i was given a chance to go into something which i have always afraid of, but will totally make me feel good.

some salesman of a newly introduced product came to our place today n try to introduce us to his company's revolutionary new product. it has to do with house construction n i aint going to talk about it here as not many ppl will und... nor me actually, ha ha ha ha.

so, the man was telling us about this new technology in our coountry which can be used for construction n it will help to save our earth. like WTH? construction and saving the earth? how can they be related?

the idea is using some used tyres to be part of the foundation of the whole house / building... isnt cool? it is said that with professional supervision, the arranged used tyres will form a very sold base to the construction work n can save a lot of concrete costing.

so u ask, what does it gotta to do with saving our earth? im not 100% sure too, but the idea is...the tyres actually allow a total of 2 degrees temperature reduction after the constrcution work is done. meaning your house will be 2 degrees cooler than your neighbour, how cool is that?!

n in a long run, u get to save your electricity bill bcoz u dont have to blast air cond every night anymore... get the point?

plus, do u know if we were to process / recycle / (there's a term i dont know) those used tyres.. u actually produce more CO2 to our air... n that is bad isnt it? n if we use those tyres to be the base of a construction work...we get to help our mother earth by reducing the CO2 being released to the air.

actually i think i didnt do a good job explaining thise new technology here, of coz it has to do with my sucky engrand. but on the other hand, it is becoz i dont really understand it's pros n cons yet... maybe when i get a hand on the livelet / brochure / website...then i can tell more.

i have definately learnt a thing today...which is... my job can actually be very very noble bcoz if i decide to take on this method into my business.... i can be a part of contributing force to save the world.

i didnt sound too much like mohinDUH in Heroes right?

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StarryWicked @ 4/29/2009 12:36:35 am
Bitch here
Monday, April 20, 2009
today i...


long story short, i was driving on a right lane of a double lane road... n there was this girl who was riding a bike on the left lane... as most of u can guess...when i was driving pass her...

she suddenly fell down n her bike fell towards my direction! *gasp*

PANNNNNNGGGGG!!! seriously, at that very moment..i thought i really have killed that girl. imagine my car running thru her head...

so i quickly stopped my car (thank god there're not many cars around or else i would have caused a serious jam) n rush to that girl. to my relief, she actually already got up and was standing there checking herself up.

i asked if she was all ok, n the chinese girl was actually quite polite n she keep on apologizing to me bcoz she fell on herself n caused trouble to me. it is indeed quite surprising bcoz i have already imagined her being all injured and crazy n might bitch slap me while blaming all the faults to me.

n the polite girl actually keep on asking me to leave bcoz she is ok n everything. but i stood there waited for her anyway, coz i want to see her leave first. given my history, i cannot let myself being so irresponsible to just leave an accident without knowing the condition of the involvers.

the girl assured me that her father is on the way n since she cant start the engine anyway, i should be leaving. i asked for her number n also asked if she wants my number n she declined both inquiry. in the end, another uncle came n they both asked me to leave.

luckily everything was ok in the end, im actually so shocked at that moment when it happened. u know, the feeling of u might have gotten someone killed by u? i dont get why ppl can just kill another living creature without feeling any guilt at all. to be honest, this accident gave me more impact than anything else bcoz u know my father left us in an accident.

i was actually wanting to get some comforting words at night when i try to talk to my frens online bcoz the shock is still in me. but sadly all my online friends are either too busy to listen or didnt really bother although i have told them so.

hmm... i think the next thing im getting is ppl thinking im being over dramatic lor. or maybe...maybe i think i really expect too much.

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StarryWicked @ 4/20/2009 11:50:04 pm
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